Project 1- Rosters

Quarter 4, 2022 – All Community Modules – Microsoft Partnership Integration (possible)  

Project Goal

Through the use of specific and targeted personas + client journey mapping, position MYP as the software solution of choice for the Community (Disability)/Aged Care/Health Sector/s due to its simplicity and the value it adds to subscriber organisations, their teams and clients.​

Stage 1: To simplify the user interface and maximise the benefits for the frontline users of MYP (e.g. Support Workers + Allied Health Professionals).  ​


Key FeaturesKey Benefits
QTime Appointment + Roster interface . Drag and drop appointments and shifts
Set and Forget session set up​. Set up line items in standard sessions and rosters once
Improved visibility for roster managers​. More intuitive and adaptive visibility features
for managing staff and participants in rosters and
Centralised programs and cost centres​. Single source of truth for timesheets and invoicing
 between rosters, appointments and GENIUS invoicing 
and staff timesheets​