SRS testimonials

MYP has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The survey is streamlined and easy to use and the data capture provides concise, easy to read, professional reports. The MYP staff, in particular Jenny Eager, have been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. In fact, if it was not for Jenny’s persistence and encouragement the survey would not have occurred at Saint Stephen’s College as my workload often led me to put the survey aside. The reports we now have provide valuable information to help us maintain the integrity of our College.

Paula Axford-Wood

Director of Community Relations - Saint Stephen’s College - Gold Coast, Australia

Our College introduced the SRS Exit Survey, for General and Yr 12 Leavers, for the first time this year and we have found it to be an excellent addition. The staff at SRS, in particular Ms Jenny Eager, have been on hand every step of the way and their response times are second-to-none. The data we have been able to collect has been invaluable and was recently incorporated into a yearly report which goes towards our College Improvement Plan. We are thankful to have found such an easy-to-use, rapid information service which meets our needs.

Kelly Chambers

Marketing and Communications Strategist - Ursula Frayne Catholic College - Perth, Australia

Firbank Grammar School conducted a staff survey in Term 4 of 2017. The setup was seamless and assistance was only a phone call away. The survey was able to be completed by staff in approximately 15 minutes with straightforward questions. Reminders were sent weekly over 3 weeks to all staff and our survey returned over 80% response which I was delighted with. Results were available to download the day after the cut off date. The data is simple to understand and meaningful when shared back to staff. I highly recommend this survey.

Jenny Williams

Principal - Firbank Grammar School - Melbourne, Australia

Pinehurst School has been conducting surveys using MYP annually since 2011. There are some on-line survey frameworks available, however, it is not a simple matter to set up an appropriate set of questions for a school environment, and collating the reports can take a significant amount of time. Also, a key factor for us was ensuring the confidentiality of those Staff and Parents contributing to the survey, and we felt that this was more easily demonstrated by using an independent survey organisation such as MYP. The layout of the MYP reports is excellent and it is easy to follow the key issues at a glance (we like "blues and greens", and we focus on the "reds and yellows" quite seriously - these are the colour-codes of the bar-charts in the reports). MYP also provides comparative results for other schools, which we find useful.

Peter Davies

Chairman - Pinehurst School - Auckland, New Zealand

The adoption of the MYP customised School Results Surveys has been instrumental in providing our system of schools with comprehensive feedback from stakeholders. The MYP team were highly professional, proactive, responsive and supportive when working with our schools. The response rates are much improved and the reports easy to interpret.

Sally Towns

Director School Development, Secondary - Catholic Education Service, Diocese of Cairns - Cairns, Australia

We used the services of MYP Corporation in relation to a Year 12 Exit Survey. The process was efficient and quick, the return of information was on time and the information was collated in a variety of forms all of which were excellent and provided ample opportunity to analyse and dissect and make changes if necessary. I found the PowerPoint to be a useful tool to take the information to other concerned staff. I will certainly use the services of MYP again.

Dr Michael Brohier

Deputy Headmaster - Somerset College - Gold Coast, Australia

We were looking for an online survey that was not time consuming for staff, easy for parents to complete and that gave us an in-depth analysis of our three early childhood services. We found this through the SRS - Child Care survey. The survey’s initial set up was easy and it gave us the opportunity to tailor it to our service’s needs. Parents also found it quick and easy to complete, which resulted in a high rate of response. The reports that followed gave us a clear indication of how parents view Oaklands in a number of different areas and broke it down service by service. It outlined the areas that we were excelling in and those we needed to develop further which was extremely valuable to educators and management. Another aspect of the survey that appealed to us was the fact that performance could be compared from year to year and, in the future, we could measure our services performance against similar services in the community. We would strongly recommend the SRS - Child Care survey to any Early Learning Service.

Kate Madden

Director - Oaklands (A Churchie Centre) - East Brisbane, Australia

It was very important for my school, Trinity College in Albury-Wodonga, to get honest and valid feedback from its key stakeholders - staff, students and parents - as we evaluated our progress and planned for future developments inside and out of the classroom. MYP provided us with a user-friendly process which ensured the integrity of the data gained via the survey process. I found the process with MYP very easy and appreciated the structure of the surveys we used. I would not hesitate to recommend these surveys and MYP to any school or institution which is looking for a valid and useful survey instrument. The online surveys were easy to set up and administer and this meant that the participation rate amongst staff, students and parents was very high, further adding to the weight of the data gained via the process. The staff at MYP were extremely professional and friendly to deal with. All round, their product and procedures are excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any school looking to undertake a similar survey process.

Steven O'Connor

Principal - Trinity College - Perth, Australia

We needed an online survey that would be easy for students and parents to complete and not time consuming for our staff to administer. The SRS – Final Year Exit surveys (for both our Year 12 students and their parents) were easy to set up and MYP staff provided friendly and immediate support when required. The surveys were quick and easy to complete, resulting in a healthy response rate and producing data which will inform our planning next year.

Andrew van der Beek

Director: Marketing & Development - St John’s Anglican College - Brisbane, Australia

MYP has provided our schools and Diocese with a comprehensive data set that has made a significant contribution to school and system-based planning. Staff from MYP provided excellent support to our community of schools in the design and implementation of the survey instruments. The online delivery of the surveys to parents, staff and students resulted in an excellent response rate.

John M Mula

Diocesan Director of Catholic Schools - Diocese of Armidale - Armidale, Australia

As an expression of the high value that our College places on both customer and staff satisfaction, we decided to facilitate the School Results Surveys by MYP to inform our strategic planning efforts. The parent and staff surveys we undertook were invaluable tools in giving us clear insight into their satisfaction levels, pointing out areas of performance that should be maintained or strengthened. The administration of the survey was extremely user-friendly and well thought-through. The team at MYP were always available to answer questions and were eager to help by giving informed advice. Overall the service and product is highly recommendable to anyone seeking a professional solution to the gathering of satisfaction data.

Johannes Solymosi

Principal - Victory College - Gympie, Australia

Santa Sabina College conducted the School Results Survey (SRS) of our parent community as part of the College's ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and to working in partnership with parents. The online survey instrument was user-friendly and only required 10-15 minutes of each respondent's time. Its capacity to allow us to customise some questions and to receive segmented data has provided us with useful information about our community's perceptions of the College and level of satisfaction with key aspects of our educational offerings. The reports, with which we have been provided, are detailed and comprehensive. Its data will assist us in informing our planning for the future. MYP provided outstanding support during the process of setting up and conducting the survey. We appreciated their daily communication of response statistics and their timely responses to queries during the survey period. Their standard of customer service was very high and we would not hesitate to recommend this organisation and its services to other schools.

Kate Clancy

Principal - Santa Sabina College - Strathfield, Australia

We have used the School Results Surveys from MYP since 2010 and are very happy with the efficiency of the staff and the quality of the surveys. The survey is user-friendly and the results were available to us within a few days of the survey closing. The feedback we have received has assisted us in making proactive choices and changes for our staff, students and parents.

Jill Jansons

PR & Marketing Manager - St Philip’s College - Alice Springs, Australia

St Stephen's School engaged MYP to carry out its recent Schools Results Survey (SRS) and found this to be an extremely worthwhile exercise. Within excess of 2,500 students across two campuses, the survey has enabled the School to gather a wide range of information from its parent body, students and staff. The standard questions were well thought out and designed to give feedback on a variety of areas and issues and, once our School specific questions had been established, the SRS proceeded effortlessly from the School's point of view. Regular updates gave a clear picture of progress and comprehensive reports were provided to the School promptly after end date. All queries were dealt with efficiently and cheerfully by Jenny Eager and access to assistance was always immediately available. Feedback from the surveys will provide a valuable basis for our future direction and planning and I would certainly recommend the SRS.

Caryl Roberts

Principal - St Stephen's School - Perth, Australia

St Vincent's College engaged MYP to carry out an online school survey of our parents and staff. The survey was simply presented, easy to complete and was not time consuming. We had a high response rate from both parents and staff and the feedback from both groups was positive. The ability to customise questions was also a positive. The reports received from MYP were detailed and easy to read. The whole process was simple and pain free.

Christine Cameron

Business Manager - St Vincent's College - Sydney, Australia

The Cathedral School used School Results Surveys from MYP to conduct a comprehensive Parent Survey in 2009 and a Staff Survey. The surveys were easy to set up and the email reminders ensured a very high response rate. The standard questions covered most areas of interest and the provision for ten additional questions allowed for more specific topics to be canvassed. The reports arrived promptly after the completion of the survey and provided a useful analysis of the data collected. The staff at MYP were professional and easy to do business with.

Toni Lanphier

Registrar - The Cathedral School - Townsville, Australia

I was indeed very pleased with the service provided by MYP in the conduct of the Staff, Parent, Student Surveys and the ‘useability’ of the data you produced. I also appreciate the ability to derive an Executive Summary from the data for use with my Board and Executive. I wish to again use the service.

Warwick Dean

Headmaster - The Hutchins School - Hobart, Australia

Tranby College elected to use Schools Results Survey (SRS) to assist us in gaining feedback from our parent body. We have been very impressed by the ease of the whole process. Once we settled on the questions for our survey, it was a very simple matter thereafter. The response rate we had from our parents was easily the highest compared to previous parent surveys we had conducted. The comprehensive nature of the final report is outstanding and is a very useful tool for future planning for the direction of the College. We will definitely be using this product again!

Mike Jenzen

Head of Middle School - Tranby College - Baldivis, Australia

Very good feedback received from UK pilot, such as; “The experience of setting up was easy to do and self-explanatory. The questions were well thought out and covered the key areas of our work. Parents and pupils found taking the survey intuitive. The range of questions and clarity of language have given us information and, indeed, proof for continuing to improve the experience we provide for both parents and pupils.”

Malcolm Groves

Doctoral Researcher, University of Warwick - Warwick, England

Sancta Maria College contracted MYP to survey our parent community on a wide range of school issues. Throughout the process we found the company to be very supportive in meeting our needs as we established the nature of the questions that we were requiring feedback on. The timely reminders to the parents to complete the survey proved effective with a very pleasing 60.6% response rate. The report on the findings was comprehensive, informative and very useful in the development of our strategic direction for future years. We would certainly consider using the company again in the future.

Paul Daley

Principal - Sancta Maria College - Auckland, New Zealand

The Schools Results Survey (SRS) from MYP was a very valuable ‘find’ this year. From the cordiality and professionalism with which it was arranged with MYP staff, to the thoroughness with which communication with parents was established and maintained throughout the survey process, to the extensive and appropriate range of questions which were asked and the scope for comments that was given, to the excellent proportion of respondents garnered, to the reporting format and the analysis of feedback and to the efficiency with which the whole project was delivered with all promised timelines met and the reporting living up to – even exceeding – expectations, this was a very valuable exercise. It has given us much useful information on which to plan for the future and on which to ‘tweak’ our service in response to the opinions of our community. This was an excellent value-for-money investment.

Fr Paul Cahill

Principal - Whitefriars Catholic College for Boys - Melbourne, Australia

We appreciate School Results Surveys for their professional service to our school since 2010. The breadth of information we were able to receive from the surveys was helpful in understanding the needs of our community.

Rebekah Bain

Community Relations - Carey Baptist College - Canning Vale, Australia

Over the past six years, we have been undertaking the Staff, Parent and Student surveys with MYP. We have always had great service to assist setting up and changing the surveys to meet the needs of our school. I find the graphs really useful to include in our annual report and newsletter to highlight specific areas of the school. The analysis of this data directly feeds into the development of our School Improvement Plan and Strategic Plan providing us with quantifiable data to report against.

Vanessa Aikins

Principal - Rockingham Montessori School - Rockingham, Australia

Noosa Pengari Steiner School has been using MYP surveys since 2012. The surveys are simple to administer and provide valuable information that can be easily interpreted and benchmarked. These surveys form a valuable part of the schools processes for measuring satisfaction within the staff and parent communities.

Francis Klugman

School Director - Noosa Pengari Steiner School - Doonan, Australia

St Columba's College introduced a customised Transition survey for our Year 7 students for the first time this year. The survey was easy to develop and the administration of it was handled by MYP which certainly alleviated a lot of pressure on us. All queries were responded to in a timely manner. It was wonderful to have access to the dashboard throughout the survey time to monitor the number and type of student responses. The report is excellent and provides rich feedback and data for our College to reflect on. We intend to use this survey annually and thank MYP for such a wonderful service.

Brigitte McDonald

Deputy Principal - St Columba's College - Essendon, Australia

MLC School implemented both the SRS Final Year Exit Surveys and General Exit Surveys last year and again this year to improve our connection with departing families and enable the School to evaluate our parents’ experience. The team at MYP assisted us with the set up and the implementation was very easy. I asked for some customisation to the survey instrument, which was actioned swiftly and effectively. Running the surveys is a simple process and has allowed us sound insight to feed back to relevant internal stakeholders.

Michele Dunn

Head of Marketing & Community Relations - MLC School - Sydney, Australia

As part of the College's strategic planning process, we engaged MYP to undertake a comprehensive School Results Survey (SRS) of our parents. We were delighted with the professional and comprehensive service provided. The final report was thorough, engaging and clear and provided us with an excellent platform to continue planning for the future needs of our College community. The ability to personalise a number of key areas was also very important for us. We were able to measure not only how we compare with other schools, but also evaluate some of the special features unique to La Salle College. We will certainly engage the services of MYP again and look forward to establishing relevant longitudinal data for our College.

Wayne Bull

Principal - La Salle College - Perth, Australia

We as a school have found the services of MYP invaluable. Previously, we have done our school survey manually and collated data ourselves as we were unable to find a company who could customise our current survey to suit us. MYP were very quick, professional and easy to deal with. Our parents were also impressed with the quality of the survey as well.

Nikki Crow

PA to the Collegiate Chair/Alumni Coordinator - Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School - Middle Cove, Australia

Blackheath and Thornburgh College recently elected to employ the services and facilities provided by the Schools Results Survey to gain knowledge relevant to client satisfaction and have been very impressed by the process. One of the many mandatory accreditation requirements faced by schools today is ensuring that parent feedback is gathered regularly and then accurately reported. This can be a very time consuming drain on limited manpower resources for many schools. The SRS is an extremely easy to use process for reducing the time necessary to gather this information. It is very simple to administer and initiate and provides an excellent range of questions that can be used, with the opportunity to customise and add further specific school-related questions if necessary. The distribution and daily reporting is accurate and timely and the final report is comprehensive and extremely useful for strategic planning. It is our intention to employ this process on an annual basis and we recommend the program to all schools.

Brian Hewitt

Principal/CEO - Blackheath and Thornburgh College - Charters Towers, Australia

The assistance we received from MYP Corporation throughout the survey process was excellent and made a significant difference for us in planning and implementing the survey. With this assistance, we found the process to be very stress free and easy to follow. Having help available at any time was very pleasing. Managing the survey process proved quite easy once it was underway and the final report was easy to follow but contained a wealth of information which has proven to be very useful. We would not hesitate to recommend this survey process.

Ron Crabbe

Principal, Capel Primary - Capel, Australia (an Independent Public School of Choice) - Capel, Australia

MYP was just brilliant. They were very efficient but most importantly prompt when they were assisting us. We had lots of questions and they never hesitated to help out. Their reports were excellent and provided lots of insight for the school to move forward. The School Results Survey from MYP complements other input from the community so we found it very helpful in identifying directions for our School Development Planning. As a staff and community, we were extremely satisfied with the School Results Survey. MYP was great to work with and most diligent in all aspects.

Di-Anne Rowan

Assistant to the Director - on behalf of schools in the Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton - Rockhamption, Australia

As you know, our College has just received your company's reports on our recent parent survey. I have been delighted with the way you have worked with our Development Director Mrs Glenda Fitz-Payne. Glenda has kept me up-to-date with the progress reports on parent participation, and I was impressed with the speed at which the final information was made available to us. It will take some time to peruse the information, which I hope to do over the next few days, but I already have a sense of it due to the excellent presentation. Again, I record my very sincere thanks to you for working so positively with Glenda on the survey.

Pastor Ron Woolley

Headmaster - Citipointe Christian College - Brisbane, Australia

At Great Southern Grammar, we are developing a strategic focus designed to meet the needs of our community. MYP's School Results Survey provided an opportunity to gather data about our perceived performance in a range of pre-determined areas. The custom statements allowed us to investigate issues unique to our school. The process was easy to follow and was not time consuming for any one person. The technology used is seamless and provides regular updates to maintain the interest levels. Parents were keen to be involved and a spin-off included the necessity to accurately maintain and expand our data base of email addresses.

Mike Giles

Deputy Headmaster - Great Southern Grammar - Kalgan, Australia

Conducting MYP’s School Results Survey has allowed us to gather together important data from all the stakeholders involved in our college community in an efficient and easy to implement process. The survey was straightforward and allowed the respondents the opportunity to reply to a standardised set of questions, as well as questions we were able to customise for our own specific needs. The reports that were generated from the survey data were comprehensive and well-presented which meant that their interpretation was most time-efficient for the college leadership team. The information that we have gathered has allowed us to more accurately determine the needs of our college and the people involved and will no doubt be most valuable for our future plans and strategies. It is our intention to use this product and the excellent service provided by MYP again in the future.

Gavin Swanson

Deputy Principal - ICT Loreto College - Coorparoo, Australia

I wish to advise that the survey and resulting reports conducted for Kingsway Christian College have been very helpful to me personally in addressing some of the areas of need in our college community. As a result of the outcomes, I have set up School Improvement Teams to target areas of concern. I can thoroughly recommend your services to other schools who are concerned about parent perception of the school. The survey has allowed us to analyse our delivery of not only the curriculum but essential services in our College. Thank you once again for the thorough analysis you provided. I certainly will consider using your services again for future surveys with our staff and students.

Jeanette Giroud

Principal - Kingsway Christian College - Perth, Australia

For us, the School Results Surveys have been an excellent way to ask the opinions of our students, parents and staff. It was a seamless process, with very good response rates due to the reminder process. Although there are only 35 questions in each survey (with an option for 10 additional custom), these questions are very comprehensive and the comparative data is very good and greatly assists in planning.

Robyn Kronenberg

Principal - St Michael’s Collegiate School - Hobart, Australia

Using the SRS has been very informative and helpful in our planning for the future.

Chris Wallace

Principal - MacKillop Catholic College - Busselton, Australia

The School Results Survey team was very helpful and gave us a professional service. The survey results have been invaluable in discovering our strengths in those areas we would like to work on. The summary given to our parents was really concise and appreciated by our parents. All round we highly recommend the School Results Survey.

Susan Curtin

Registrar - Macquarie Anglican Grammar School - Dubbo, Australia

I have been very pleased with the services provided by MYP and in fact presented the findings to our staff this morning. You have always been a phone call away to deal with any minor issues and we have had good discussions around the results. Thank you.

Alison Roberts

Head of Learning & Teaching - Marian College - Sunshine West, Australia

As part of our commitment to keeping in touch with the views of our parents, Mercedes College was searching for an efficient way of eliciting feedback. We were alerted to MYP‘s School Results Survey and decided that this system was what we were looking for. It is easy to use and the survey gave us general as well as tailored responses which enabled us to delve into all areas of our operation. Some 67% of our parent body responded. Feedback from parents who completed the survey was positive not only for the fact that we had undergone the process but for the process itself. The way the results were reported back to us not only gave us a concise summary of the topics surveyed but also included the detailed parental responses which provided material for further deep analysis. I would strongly recommend the SRS to any school serious about gaining parental feedback and using it for ongoing school improvement.

Peter Daw

Principal - Mercedes College - Perth, Australia

Olivet has used the School Results Surveys provided by MYP for the past two years. We found the system easy to use and the questions were easy to set up and amend to suit the individual school. It was easy to complete online and did not take much time to complete. The follow-up provided by MYP to encourage respondents to complete the survey before the deadline was excellent with the result that the majority of staff and parents did actually complete the survey online. Student surveys were completed at the school online in class groups.

Mary-Anne Revell

Business Manager - Olivet Christian College - Cambells Creek, Australia

Loreto College is a dynamic R – 12 school that routinely evaluates its global strategies in the light of flexible educational directions and community expectations. MYP’s School Results Survey has facilitated the gathering of a broad range of responses from our parent community in an efficient and timely fashion. The survey was simply presented, easy to complete and, as MYP was responsible, the impact on the school was minimal. We were able to include customised questions based on our strategic plan which ensured that the responses were pertinent to our particular needs. The report was detailed and has provided us with information that is crucial to our future direction. Staff at MYP were obliging, responsive and keen to facilitate the process; the regular updates on the number of surveys completed were welcomed.

Ann-Maree Tippins

Learning Technologies Coordinator - R-12 Loreto College - Adelaide, Australia

The School Results Survey (SRS) was… easy to use… inexpensive… high response rate… easy to read report… highly recommended…

Jamie Dorrington

Headmaster - Saint Stephen's College - Gold Coast, Australia

We have used School Results Surveys (SRS) several times - both for parents and staff. Having completed the parent survey twice, three years apart, we have great data for monitoring school improvement. The surveys are really easy to set up - with different parts of the school being able to have their own surveys. We have had at least a 65% response rate and so our data is really valid. I will continue to use these surveys in the future.

Jenny Williams

Principal - Samuel Marsden Collegiate School - Wellington, New Zealand