LanternPay Real Time link to the NDIA Portal- for Plan Managers and Service Providers

Quarter 2, 2022 – GENIUS – LanternPay

Project Goal

Stage 1: To automate collection of active and future plan and service booking data in real time for all MYP clients using LanternPay – making the NDIS the source of truth for participant data. 

Stage 2: To process in real time agency for all clients (including Service Providers) and plan managed claims for Plan Managers.

Key FeaturesKey Benefits
Automated claim management for agency managed participantsSame day of service claim automated – no more manual claims for agency managed participants
Real time API’s for Plan info, Claims and Service Booking updates No need to meet daily deadlines for submitting claims to payment. Realtime submission and notice. 
Service Booking link direct to NDIS Portal Updated dates and funding of service bookings direct from portal.
Real time API’s Reduced cost to LanternPay will be passed onto existing Plan Mangers.