integrated plan management solution

The plan manager plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient, effective and commercial delivery of services to people with a disability. Sadly, for most plan managers, their role has become a high volume, mind numbing, administrative paper chase. If you are a plan manager and the following sounds like your version of utopia, it is time to look at the Integrated Plan Management Solution (IPMS) from MYP and LanternPay.

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, IPMS offers back to front automation to make NDIS administration even easier.
With IPMS you’ll get:

Automated plan and budget set up + resync from PRODA
Automated invoice validation, tracking + reporting on claim status
Automated bulk claiming with PRODA
Automated provider payment processing, tracking + reporting of payments
Automated remittances sent to providers
Automated plan management reporting
Access to LanternPay’s claim payment provider platform to receive digital invoices for one-click approval + more

complete client management

Benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based + real-time plan management solution that covers you from first contact to annual renewal + everything in between.

automated claim + payment processing

Save time validating claims against NDIS rules + claiming via the NDIA portal. IPMS delivers faster provider payment + remittances.

integrated supply chain automation

Connect with providers also using MYP or LanternPay to receive digital invoices for one-click approval + more.

total client transparency

Provide clients and/or their families + others with real-time dashboards, reports, agreements, invoices, participant statements + more.

finance + administration efficiency

Manage all your financial + administrative processes with ease in one solution. Push all your invoice + remittance data to either Xero or MYOB with one click.

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trusted by many

  • Jo Hollis
    Working with MYP’s GENIUS has allowed us to automate our business processes and achieve efficiencies, saving both time and money whilst enabling us to provide a high quality service to our clients. The client engagement process helps make compliance a breeze and our clients love the complete transparency provided in their personal GENIUS dashboard. I’d recommend it to any disability service provider looking for a total solution that is cost effective.
    Jo Hollis
    Manager, All Disability Plan Management – Port Macquarie, Australia
  • Chris Glasson
    Onboard Supports chose to subscribe to MYP after participating in live demonstrations. The software looked very easy to use and tailored to our business purpose. We use ARM, GENIUS and eMarketing. GENIUS makes Plan Management a breeze! MYP staff were very helpful throughout the rollout program and allowed us to go at our own pace. The training resources are a huge help when you forget how to use a particular feature, and staff are very responsive when tickets are logged. Overall, I would definitely recommend MYP. It has been a huge benefit to our business and allowed us to scale up quickly. Thanks to the team!
    Chris Glasson
    Managing Director, Onboard Supports – Scarborough, Queensland
  • Emily Huggins
    I was using a variety of software for all the things I needed and myself and my staff found it too confusing so I reached out to MYP. They have everything you need in one place and talk you through the whole system so you don’t have to fend for yourself. MYP staff are there to support you to get the system on point. I would not go anywhere else. MYP HAS BEEN A SAVIOUR TO MY BUSINESS! Best decision I have ever made!
    Emily Huggins
    Director, Inspiring Abilities - Muswellbrook, New South Wales
  • Kerry Cannan
    From our perspective, onboarding new staff is seamless now with myHelp, myTraining and MYP Training. It has made our work with training so much easier and the quality of the resources provided are amazing.
    Kerry Cannan
    Administration Manager, Li-ve Tasmania – Hobart, Tasmania
  • Mikayla Rawlings
    STEPS Staffing Solutions decided to engagement MYP for rostering and electronic timesheet services so our process was more streamlined, thorough and accurate. Although we have a small number of staff initially, we are in a growth phase so to have a clean and easy to use system set-up from the start has been very beneficial for our growth. Already we have bought on more clients and staff into MYP as it is so streamlined. The rollout training provided by MYP was nothing short of thorough, professional and to a very high standard. They took the time to understand our business model, what our end goal was and the specific needs of our rostering requirements. We have already recommended MYP to another organisation who are in the process of rolling out this system to their nation-wide workforce as we felt this too could streamline their process. Since the rollout, our MYP Account Manager and the technical support team have been quick to respond to any enquiries and resolve any issues we had. We would be confident in recommending the MYP platform to organisations that are wanting a professional and straightforward solution.
    Mikayla Rawlings
    Recruitment Team Leader, STEPS Staffing Solutions – Maroochydore, Queensland
  • John Anderson
    Plan Manage Direct chose to subscribe to MYP after undertaking research on Plan Management software solutions. We are currently subscribed to ARM Pro and GENIUS and find one of the key strengths is the ability to bulk upload to the NDIA portal and run monthly budget reports. The rollout training was beneficial to increasing our knowledge of how to use the system effectively.
    John Anderson
    Principal, Plan Manage Direct – Doncaster Victoria
  • Anne-Marie Wickham
    A key part of our service delivery is helping clients achieve their individual goals and objectives. GOMS (goal + objective management system) was developed and enables a series of goals to be created and matched to an individual’s activities and programs. An individual and their support staff can then work together towards measurable (and reportable) achievements over time. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC in real time, GOMS is a powerful tool for clients, carers and staff alike in ensuring that time and effort is placed to where it can make the most difference. We have had an excellent experience working with the team at MYP. They have taken the time to discuss and understand our needs as an organisation and worked with us to develop what we needed. We now have the ability to track and share information on a person’s goals and objectives in real time with families, staff and allied health professionals.
    Anne-Marie Wickham
    Office Manager, Creativity Inc - Hillsdale, Australia
  • Robert Lester
    The choice to go with MYP was based around the complete package rather than simple piece by piece programs. We have subscribed to ARM, GENIUS, GOMS, formSPACE and will soon add IPMS (integrated plan management system). The key strengths of the software is how it assists with the superb delivery of complex programs - short cutting and simplifying long-term operations. The key benefits are that MYP offers a holistic program that caters for the complete needs of an organisation to completely run their services from a computer with confidence. To streamline and tidy timekeeping and Payroll into a manageable system which allows you to simplify and concentrate on the big picture. I would whole heartedly recommend the rollout and training as this gives a personal insight to the program and the people who create the magic. This also allows you to build a relationship with the key people who can find solutions when you get stuck. The MYP team are sensational.
    Robert Lester
    Finance Director, ActsCare – Toowoomba, QLD
  • Graham Chee
    Having been a user of formSPACE since inception for our business and now the progress to formSPACE Pro, I am now an avid user of the solution across our whole business. The transition from paper-based to digital is great for our business, from corporate governance, compliance, advisory, marketing, cybersecurity, financial services, and intellectual property. The list goes on. All about the commitment to change. It has helped our business set our new digital direction.
    Graham Chee
    Managing Director, Local Knowledge - Mascot, Australia
  • Rohan Tedmanson
    formSPACE has helped us to rethink and streamline our workflow processes. Information is handled accurately and efficiently, increasing our capacity whilst ensuring every detail is captured. It is totally customisable, and it has been easy to fit it to our needs.
    Rohan Tedmanson
    Operations Leader, Connected Self - Adelaide, Australia
  • Alena Leek
    We chose MYP based on one of our staff member’s research. They were in charge of finding software that would meet our requirements as set by the collective team and decided MYP was the best option for our future needs. We are subscribed to ARM Pro, PocketWatch, formSPACE, myDocs, GOMS, GENIUS and 94six. The key strengths of the rollout were the scheduling, project set up and regular training. My main recommendation to other organisations is that they hire a technologically savvy independent Project Manager or pay for an MYP trainer to be on site to assist. Getting team leaders involved at an earlier stage would also be very beneficial for any other organisations wishing to implement MYP.
    Alena Leek
    Office Manager, Riverview Retreat – Hadspen, TAS
  • Mandy Drain
    Taylor Made Outcomes commenced in August 2019, with no participants and we used MYP from day one. The rollout and subscriptions we hold have allowed us to grow quickly, but still with efficiency and quality service delivery. MYP has been one of the driving forces behind our success!
    Mandy Drain
    Owner/Director, Taylor Made Outcomes – Corrimal, NSW
  • Brett Emblem
    One of the key reasons that Palmville Group Homes chose MYP was to assist with our work flow. We subscribed to ARM Pro, GENIUS, GOMS and myDocs. We found the rollout program to be beneficial with the key strength being that real data is implemented and worked on during the training sessions. A key benefit of the rollout and training program is that the information will be immediately available as soon as it has been submitted. We would recommend the program to others as it gives a great understanding of what to do and saves a lot of time.
    Brett Emblem
    Manager, Palmville Group Homes – North Booval, QLD
  • Heidri Brook
    MYP so far has met all our expectations for our NDIS programs. We have valued the integrated forms, the easy-to-navigate panels between participants and multi-invoicing to the NDIS directly. We are still in the processes of completing our rollout but have been very happy with all the training and support provided.
    Heidri Brook
    Manager, Within Australia – Bairnsdale, Victoria
  • Serina Chan
    Elba chose MYP because it's NDIS Compliant.  Applaud the staff at MYP for all their patience and dedication in helping my team and I.
    Serina Chan
    Accounts Coordinator, Elba Incorporated – Booragoon, WA
  • Carol Strachan
    We selected MYP because we were looking for one database that all staff members can access and update and that can be modified to suit our needs. I also like the ability to add modules as the system is developed.
    Carol Strachan
    Director Finance + IT, 3 Bridges – Sydney, Australia
  • Jodie Wainwright
    We originally invested in MYP because it supported our client-side requirements which is the most critical part of our business. We have been able to transfer over and customise modules to suit both our Aged Care clients and participants living with disability. That left fundraising without a solution. Thankfully, after conversations with MYP, we realised that we could create what we needed. The MYP team were able to interpret our brief into an actionable response, allowing us to deliver a successful platform which, I believe, will benefit many community organisations who are looking to invest in MYP. Working with MYP has delivered a solution to our organisation that wasn't previously available in the market. Without this development, we would still have multi-data sources, which can create a lot of extra administration for organisations such as ours. The MYP staff were very approachable and keen to work with us on the development. After I created the initial brief, they took the time to go through and discuss everything to ensure that we were all on the same page. We were able to work together with MYP to ensure that the end result is something that we can all be proud to put our name to.
    Jodie Wainwright
    Development Manager, Holdsworth Community – Woollahra, Australia
  • Matthew Lattin
    MYP appeared to be able to deliver the system we needed and we would not have to change to meet their systems. Also, MYP offered a true partnership that allowed us to achieve an ROI not available through other organisations. Working with MYP was an exceptional experience. The most important part was that they paid attention to detail. The second most important aspect was that they understood our business and the third was that they had the technical expertise to build it. The results achieved included a real-time paper-less system that allows us to have conversations based on real information presented in an easy to use format. This will lead to greater outcomes in shorter periods of time because we can actually see what is happening in relation to each client and react accordingly. You will not find a more cost effective way to digitalise your key work practices than through MYP. Your staff will appreciate what it can do for them.
    Matthew Lattin
    Chief Operating Officer, Creativity Inc - Hillsdale, Australia
    I would like to thank MYP for the 3 days’ of onsite training conducted recently. The feedback that I have received has been nothing but positive. Keeping in mind that some staff are not conversant or lack confidence in using technology in general, originally they thought they might be overwhelmed by the new system. However, by the end of each training session, I could most definitely notice relief that MYP was not as complicated as they originally thought and that it managed to keep its functionality simple. The staff particularly loved the centralising of all documents, the summary screen and overall functionality.
    Project Manager, Mosaic Community Care – Jandakot, Australia
  • Maree Mullins
    We commenced our MYP subscription in November 2015. At the time, we needed a user friendly client management system that had a monthly fee attached. MYP provides a good system that meets our requirements for managing client information, documentation and goals. We now have all documents in one place which has decreased duplication along with a comprehensive client management system for all our clients. The take up now of all staff is good and further training has assisted. We have found MYP staff to be very helpful at all times. Our Incident reporting which we commissioned MYP to develop has been good and that has been a highlight for us.
    Maree Mullins
    CEO, Sunnyhaven - Sydney, Australia