streamlined document signing

ditch paper forms + increase efficiency with digital signatures

why digital signatures?

New to digital signatures? Here's how they can upgrade your organisation.

save time

Don't worry about having to invite your clients to your office or making house calls to get your forms signed. Simply hit send and your form is ready to go, no printing or scanning required! Signing forms by postal mail? Eliminate the postage process entirely and minimise turnaround and wait times.

save money

Paper and printing costs add up quickly and can easily become a large expense for many organisations. Cut your administration costs significantly by switching to a completely digital document workflow.

increase transparency + security

With state-of-the-art backup and encryption services, know that your documents are stored safely and securely within MYP. Track when documents were sent, who they were sent to and when they were signed, ensuring total organisational accountability.

provide a seamless client experience

Make your organisation stand out from the crowd with a technology-enabled, efficient and engaging onboarding process.

Allow your clients to sign forms anywhere at anytime using a computer, laptop or phone. All they need is an internet connection!

Mobile device friendly
Compatible with fingers, computer mice + styluses
Display your custom branding

available in MYP now

Subscribe to either formSPACE Pro or GENIUS now and get instant access to digital signatures. Not an MYP subscriber yet? Book a free demo.

Take your digital forms to the next level with formSPACE Pro's built-in signature object. Simply drag and drop the signature field into your form and choose whether you'd like a formal (legally binding) or informal signature to be captured.

Customise and format your service agreements in Microsoft Word to suit your organisational needs and branding guidelines. Simply add an area in the document for a signature and GENIUS does the rest. The set-up couldn't be any easier!

don't just take our word for it!

MYP subscribers are already taking advantage of the benefits digital signatures have to offer in formSPACE Pro and GENIUS.

The digital signatures have saved us so much time and hassle. We don’t have to worry about time delays in postage or having to go out to see client representatives in person for renewals. The reminders function also makes sure that we know who to follow up. It is an excellent feature within MYP.

Darren Munday
CEO, SMP Lifeskills

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