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Most modern websites are disconnected from key business systems and only focus on aesthetics and content. Instead, MYP integrated websites use the latest in design, UX/UI to drive opportunities directly to your systems, saving you time and money.


Avoid double handling data entry whilst referring clients to your website



Integrations are custom styled to fit in seamlessly with your branding


Generating leads makes your website far more valuable as a digital asset


Having a place to direct clients to will boost your traffic + SEO rankings

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MYP offers a variety of affordable design service to our Subscribers, including assistance with branding, custom email marketing and events templates or other collateral.






  • Lynelle Campbell
    I chose to have my website completed through MYP as they are able to integrate it with my CRM and it is an Australian hosted website. My experience working with the MYP team was brilliant. They were very efficient in keeping to all time frames and making and keeping meeting appointments very promptly. They were also very supportive and amendable of changes I requested. I also appreciated that I was provided with product options that fit within my budget limitations.
    Lynelle Campbell
    Director, Lynz Education – Casuarina, Australia
  • Esther Bird
    Our website was starting to look outdated so we needed MYP’s services to upgrade our website functionality and bring it into the ‘now’. BlueprintHQ’s vision is always to automate and implement efficient processes wherever possible. The ARM Pro and eMarketing integrations help us to automate our client engagement process. My experience working with the MYP team was very positive. They were really great at helping me to solve any issues in a timely manner. My advice to other organisations would be to integrate wherever you can, as it will enable your team to become more efficient.
    Esther Bird
    Practice Manager, BlueprintHQ – Toowoomba, Australia
  • Charlotte Bruning
    We chose to undertake a vBoX project because of the ability to integrate it with our CRM. We also liked the look of previous websites built by MYP. The process was managed really well – easy, smooth and a great result. Project tracking within MYP made it really easy. The MYP staff have been great to work with and hugely helpful. We know that they are there when and if we have future queries. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our vBoX project. Our website looks great and is easy to update in-house. Thank you for a fantastic product.
    Charlotte Bruning
    Administration Manager, Byford Accountants - Byford, Australia
  • David Carpenter
    The process of manually entering prospective investor details into ARM became very time consuming for the team, several hours a week were absorbed by this process. To ensure our CRM was up to date with new website registrations in the most time effective way, the decision was made to automate the process via an API integration. This integration has led to increased investor engagement while reducing administration. A secondary function of our integration was to create an ARM opportunity for each new website registration. This added automation has allowed the team to keep track of all new registrations via a Win/Loss Report, providing us with a fantastic lead generation analysis tool. The ticket system that is used by MYP is a very efficient way of communicating. I am able to explain my exact requirements, add screenshot examples where necessary and get a quick response to my queries. If you are looking to a cost effective solution to eliminate time consuming data entry, look no further than MYP.
    David Carpenter
    Investor Relations Operations Analyst, Sentinel Property Group – Brisbane, Australia
  • Trudi Gladigau
    As existing clients of MYP, we liked the fact that the website integrated with MYP/ARM Pro. We were very happy with the prompt level of communication and support, and the completed outcome was as we expected. We are happy with our website and the service we received.
    Trudi Gladigau
    Client Relationship Manager, Southern Cross Property Advisers – Mildura, Australia
  • Chris Wheatley
    I really want to ‘know more’ about my clients by default, and so the WITY report drew me in to MYP. With our busy schedules, the ability to integrate WITY via our website was a great solution for new and existing clients to complete their WITYs. Now seems to be a big time for new clients to come on board, so having the WITY integration on our website is perfect timing.
    Chris Wheatley
    Managing Director, Scope Accounting – Brisbane, Australia
  • Nathalie Ainsworth
    By integrating WITY, we are hoping to generate more business through our website as it offers the right clients a chance to discover what is important to them, and how we can help. MYP offered this as an extension to the modules we have already signed up to, to help support and develop the opportunities within the program. The team has been extremely punctual and helpful in all aspects of the development. It is definitely an essential add-on to your WITY module as it adds value and allows for more leads to your firm.
    Nathalie Ainsworth
    Accountant, Berkmans – Wyong, Australia
  • David Baillie
    We chose to integrate WITY with our website as it makes the website interactive and collects data more efficiently. Our experience of working with the MYP team was very professional and thorough. We are very happy with the final outcome and would recommend this service to other organisations looking to market their website and collect client/prospect data autonomously.
    David Baillie
    Business Manager, Evolve Accountants & Business Advisers - Perth, Australia
  • Rodney Evans
    We used MYP's WITY integration on our website to better engage our clients and generate quality leads. MYP were great to work with and were very patient with the 3rd party web developer in getting the desired results.
    Rodney Evans
    Managing Director, Trilogy Professional Group - Sydney, Australia
  • Vanessa Howard
    Buddies is a new service and is looking to reach more people requiring our services. A website was the obvious decision. The MYP team was helpful and patient in implementing the integrations into our new website.
    Vanessa Howard
    Finance Manager, Buddies Community Access Network - Ballarat, Australia
  • Jennifer Myers
    When our firm decided to shift our focus into a specific market niche, we needed a fresh website. As clients of MYP, we inquired about a website build. Their response was both enthusiastic and fairly priced, so we chose MYP to complete the work. The MYP team were a pleasure to work with. They communicated very well, took time to understand exactly what we wanted to accomplish and executed on time and within budget! They also provided us with a training session upon completion. We now have a modern website that better represents our professional focus and allows us to capture visitor details directly into our existing MYP CRM system. It is easy to use so we can make changes on our own. I would recommend other professionals give MYP a look when seeking to upgrade a website to be able to capture details, send forms and capture leads.
    Jennifer Myers
    Business Coach, Gener8 - Te Awamutu, New Zealand
  • Adam Stewart
    As our product is technology focused, we needed to develop a strong online branding propitiation. The MYP Marketing Team invested significant time at the project development stage to ensure a strong outcome. As a relatively novice in this space, I was looking for a partner that could not only execute my preferred concepts but also come to the table with innovative ideas and concepts. The website outcome demonstrates the expertise within the MYP Team.
    Adam Stewart
    Managing Director, Accelerated Insurance - Brisbane, Australia
  • Rhys Korbely
    BIAS Australia integrated the WITY from MYP onto our websites homepage to capture organic leads and to offer a free service that can benefit the potential client. The team at MYP were able to do this very quickly and professionally working as well with our web developers.
    Rhys Korbely
    Marketing Co-ordinator, AFM Services Pty Ltd - Adelaide, Australia
  • We put the MYP WITY integration on our website to capture organic leads that enable strong engagement through the WITY process. MYP were able to do this quickly and, for an affordable price.
    Managing Partner, Laing Accounting & Business Solutions - Brisbane, Australia

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MYP offers an exclusive and affordable design service to our Subscribers to get them started, including assistance with system branding, creating custom email marketing and events templates, email signatures and more. For more information or a quote, MYP Subscribers can lodge a 'Graphic design request' through the MYP support system.