Communication Centre – SMS Upgrade

Quarter 1, 2022  – ARM + PocketWatch + the MYP Platform 

Project Goal

To build increased SMS functionality across the MYP Platform to meet the communication needs of our client base. To prepare for future integration with the Microsoft platform through our Partner status (e.g. Microsoft teams as a VOIP alternative).  

Key FeaturesKey Benefits
SMS and email messages sent in bulk or filtered by group. Groups include team, roster, region and gender.SMS can now be sent to more specific groups – increased use of the communication centre as the audience for the feature has expanded.
All communication is recorded in ‘Contact history’, SMS responses are also sent to a central email address specified in the communication centre.Ensures all information is recorded in multiple locations and can be easily accessed.
SMS automatic reply messages –  Ability to activate automatic replies to SMS message responses.Automatic reply messages allow for faster communication by removing the need for manual replying to common messages.