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Is your business burdened by disconnected systems and information? Manual processes? Are inefficiencies undermining your competitiveness? Are you frustrated that you can’t access what you need when you need it to deliver core operational tasks or make strategic decisions?

Consolidate your business systems into one place with MYP’s integrated platform, connecting your core data and information to form a single cost-effective system.

CRM hub
marketing tools
digital forms
HR suite
staff rostering
document storage
integrated websites
custom solutions
CRM hub

get on top of your sales, data + processes

ARM integrates natively with a business and industry-specific software platform, dramatically improving efficiency by consolidating all your systems into one place, eliminating unnecessary processes and reducing costs. ARM can integrate you and your clients from your website to project management and delivery.

  • track sales performance
  • streamline project management
  • add notes on the go
  • manage opportunity pipelines
  • connect with other core systems



marketing tools

streamline email marketing + event management

Make your client and prospect communication a breeze with eMarketing. Not only does it let you build, send and track engaging email campaigns in just a few clicks, you can create landing pages for events, manage registrations and payments with no prior web design background.

  • intuitive drag + drop builder
  • dynamic contact list integration with ARM
  • track + analyse campaign performance
  • automated remarketing triggers
  • automate event registrations + payments



digital forms

digitise + automate forms, systems + reports

Is your organisation still using hard-copy forms or entering client data manually? Bring your organisation into the digital age with formSPACE. Build powerful online forms that automate processes and keep your organisation in sync, while efficiently capturing and analysing data from clients, staff and other stakeholders.

  • intuitive drag + drop builder
  • wide range of question + response types
  • conditional logic for dynamic forms
  • instantly generate custom reports
  • digital signature integrations



HR suite

streamline HR management + improve organisational performance

Your people are your most valuable asset. Engage, align and secure performance from your staff with 94six, while improving the effectiveness of your HR management.

  • centralise HR information
  • eliminate paper processes
  • manage reviews + development
  • streamline recruitment



staff rostering

reduce administration + manage rosters effectively

Create, view and manage individual and staff rosters from anywhere, at any time, while staying on top of your resources, assets, timesheets and availabilities. PocketWatch is a fully integrated staff rostering system which allows you to control labour costs, reduce administration overhead, improve communication and eliminate manual errors.

  • automate timesheets
  • adhere to award rules
  • geolocation tracking
  • manage assets + resources
  • filtered roster views
  • powerful integrations
  • email + sms notifications
  • easy case management



document storage

access + manage documents efficiently

Still looking for that latest contract version? Does your staff need to allocate time for filing? Do you use up server space to store multiple versions of the same document? With myDocs, you can store and access your files from a common, secure location that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Fully integrated with the ARM CRM hub.

  • eliminate document versions
  • easily locate your files
  • set staff permissions
  • improve file security



integrated websites

integrate your website with your MYP platform

Get the best available tools to generate new leads and convert prospects by leveraging your digital presence. Most modern websites are disconnected from key business systems and only focus on aesthetics and content. Instead, MYP integrated websites use the latest in design, UX/UI to drive opportunities directly to your systems, saving you time and money.

  • integrate with your MYP systems
  • take your brand to the next level
  • make your website dynamic
  • drive prospects to your site



custom solutions

got an idea? bring your system innovations to life

Creating a personalised system to automate your key processes has never been easier. From sophisticated custom software to simple innovations and one-off systems, all can be built at a comparatively low cost and in just a fraction of the normal time. MYP’s unique platform enables organisations to leverage their intellectual property in their own environment. Alternatively, where innovators want to commercialise their system, it can be offered to potential Subscribers on MYP’s Marketplace. All custom systems integrate with MYP’s core modules giving you access to all of your modules with one simple login.

  • follow a proven process
  • utilise existing foundations
  • affordable + quick execution
  • access multiple markets




the power of an online platform

MYP is a game changer for the business sector bringing together all the key data, information and processes into one environment. MYP helps organisations improve efficiency, control costs and streamline processes in a competitive world that is changing rapidly and is more demanding than ever.

save time

reduce data errors

secure backups

access anywhere

trusted by many

  • Nigel Plowman
    We decided to undertake a customisation project with MYP to replace an existing manual service called ‘Life Plan’. The offering aims to help people work out their current financial position, determine their goals for the future, and then we help them bridge the gap using the collective expertise of the different teams within McKinley Plowman. The concept was clear for us, but we knew we needed to make Life Plan as user-friendly as possible, so we contacted MYP to help us develop a program that made the whole process more automated for the user. MYP's existing modules, such as WITY and formSPACE, meant we knew that we were dealing with a team who had tackled similar projects before. Their automated systems were a good sign that we could get Life Plan as smooth and user-friendly as possible. The MYP team embraced our project from day one and helped us make the best decisions for the future of Life Plan. Whenever we wanted to make changes or ask for assistance, the support team always responded swiftly. The integration of Life Plan into our website was also carried out quickly and efficiently, and has helped capture cold leads into the system, improving the value we got from the whole experience. For anyone else looking to get on board with a customisation or integration project with MYP, we'd say go for it! Once you have the project clear in your head about what you want to achieve and how you'd like it to turn out, the MYP team are great at bringing it to life and making it a reality.
    Nigel Plowman
    Partner, McKinley Plowman – Joondalup, WA
  • Courtney Mills
    Whitehill Keir is an advisory organisation and we subscribed to MYP mainly to conduct WITY with our clients. We also subscribed to ARM Pro and Business Wisdom. Our staff were all involved in the training rollout program and we found everything to be great from start to finish. It has been great dealing with the team at MYP and we would recommend it to others – the software is easy to use for our purpose.
    Courtney Mills
    Administrative Assistant, Whitehill Keir – Brisbane, QLD
  • Graham Chee
    Having been a user of formSPACE since inception for our business and now the progress to formSPACE Pro, I am now an avid user of the solution across our whole business. The transition from paper-based to digital is great for our business, from corporate governance, compliance, advisory, marketing, cybersecurity, financial services, and intellectual property. The list goes on. All about the commitment to change. It has helped our business set our new digital direction.
    Graham Chee
    Managing Director, Local Knowledge - Mascot, Australia
  • Rohan Tedmanson
    formSPACE has helped us to rethink and streamline our workflow processes. Information is handled accurately and efficiently, increasing our capacity whilst ensuring every detail is captured. It is totally customisable, and it has been easy to fit it to our needs.
    Rohan Tedmanson
    Operations Leader, Connected Self - Adelaide, Australia
  • David Carpenter
    The process of manually entering prospective investor details into ARM became very time consuming for the team, several hours a week were absorbed by this process. To ensure our CRM was up to date with new website registrations in the most time effective way, the decision was made to automate the process via an API integration. This integration has led to increased investor engagement while reducing administration. A secondary function of our integration was to create an ARM opportunity for each new website registration. This added automation has allowed the team to keep track of all new registrations via a Win/Loss Report, providing us with a fantastic lead generation analysis tool. The ticket system that is used by MYP is a very efficient way of communicating. I am able to explain my exact requirements, add screenshot examples where necessary and get a quick response to my queries. If you are looking to a cost effective solution to eliminate time consuming data entry, look no further than MYP.
    David Carpenter
    Investor Relations Operations Analyst, Sentinel Property Group - Brisbane, Australia
  • Ken Goldberg
    MYP is a highly efficient and effective organisation. The skilled team develop innovative and relevant solutions under superior leadership. If your firm or operation is seeking business tools that can provide true value, then the MYP suite should be seriously considered.
    Ken Goldberg
    Director, Modus Management - Brisbane, Australia
  • Elizabeth Walker
    The Talent Results Survey (TRS) was very easy to set up and to use. In addition to the set statements, which covered a broad range of issues, we were able to add our own statements to target areas of specific relevance to our business. Our employees found the survey easy to use and were pleased to participate. They particularly liked the anonymity afforded by the web-based format. Response was quick once our staff had completed the survey and the report we received gave a clear picture of the results.
    Elizabeth Walker
    HR Manager, Aviation Insurance Brokers - Brisbane, Australia
  • John Wintraaken
    The online employee survey (Talent Results Survey) has provided our organisation with the ability to identify important HR issues affecting staff engagement and morale. It was easy to setup and tailor to our particular needs. Automatic email reminders sent to our employees resulted in a high participation rate. The flexibility to segment our employees by type and location has enabled our senior managers to identify and manage specific issues relevant to our various employee groups. A detailed, professionally presented, easy to understand report was forwarded within a few days of the survey closing date. Finally, as this is now the fourth employee survey we have conducted using this method, we are able to benchmark results with previous surveys.
    John Wintraaken
    General Manager, Rondo Building Services - Sydney, Australia
  • Najwa Chantery
    Working with the team conducting the Talent Results Surveys was great. The turnaround response from staff was incredibly fast. We had the survey set up and ready to go within just a few days. Once the survey was completed, we received the results quicker than what we had expected.
    Najwa Chantery
    HR Adviser, Abergeldie - Sydney, Australia
  • John Eager
    Our organisation prides itself on its very open and honest relationship with customers. The online Customer Results Survey (CRS) provided us with a very professional, efficient and high quality tool to gain independent feedback from our customers. Critically, it gave our customers a chance to indicate their ongoing support for our commercial relationship while discreetly assessing their willingness to refer new customers. Overall, this was a low cost, high value process that provided useful insights into how we could further enhance our offer and service to customers. Conducting the survey involved very little effort from us and sent a powerful message to our customers that we value them and their opinions enormously.
    John Eager
    Managing Director, Multibuild - Sydney, Australia
  • Stewart Wilson
    We found the survey process very simple to use and dynamic enough to give us the flexibility to tailor statements to our needs. We have multiple locations and a diverse range of clients, so the ability to segment the report gave us valuable insight into our clients and their expectations of us. Overall, we found the online survey to be an excellent tool which we will use again.
    Stewart Wilson
    Managing Director, PSC Insurance Brokers - Brisbane, Australia
  • Peter Stubbs
    We engaged MYP Corporation to conduct an on line survey of its membership base. The manner in which the survey was conducted was very professional and the return rate of 52.4% as predicted by MYP was excellent by any measure and particularly by comparison to previous surveys and feedback requests the Club has delivered to members. The results of the survey were presented to the Club in a well organised and easily read format. I would certainly use MYP Corporation again.
    Peter Stubbs
    Chief Executive, Canberra Racing Club - Canberra, Australia
  • Terry O’Sullivan
    Our organisation is continually looking for improvement in delivering our member services and therefore surveys its members from time to time in order to identify areas that require additional attention. The online Member Results Survey (MRS) has provided us with an efficient, hassle free, yet professional means of achieving this objective. With the regular automatic email reminders, we achieved a significantly higher response rate than with our previous survey method. The ability to segment our members and tailor statements resulted in a detailed report which has provided us with the means to improve service to our members. The MRS was found to be beneficial to us and we can recommend it to any prospective user.
    Terry O’Sullivan
    Executive Director, Building Industry Credit Bureau - Brisbane, Australia


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