becoming a partner

If you are connected to businesses, professional services firms and/or community services organisations, a unique and exciting opportunity exists for you to become an MYP Partner.

Simply introduce these decision makers to MYP via If any of your introductions proceed with a subscription, you will receive 10% of the monthly subscription fees for as long as they remain a Subscriber.

(*subject to meeting annual performance requirements + satisfying partner terms + conditions)

There is no cost to become an MYP Partner, the process is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes.

the only decision you need to make is when to start


Introduces Subscribers to MYP and/or processes new Subscribers through the MYP website.


Introduce/secure a minimum of three (3) new Subscribers during each 12 month period following the date of commencement as an MYP Partner.


10% of subscription income from introduced Subscribers for the term of their subscription.

Note: retention of MYP Partner status is subject to achievement of performance targets for this level and compliance with the
MYP Partner Agreement.

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To become an MYP Partner, simply complete the following information. Once registered, you will instantly receive an email containing everything you need to get started.