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Without systemised and automated processes, advisory services are too often reactive, ad hoc, inefficient and expensive. This undermines the enthusiasm of accountants, consultants and financial planners to deliver advisory services and denies clients the benefits of this advice.

MYP’s one-of-a-kind platform is an industry game changer. Its specialised software for advisers provides the infrastructure to deliver targeted end-to-end advisory services and stand-alone solutions to their clients.

Watch the video below for a 60 second overview of the MYP platform.

step 1: select your advisory modules


Determine clients key personal + business priorities + uncover the gaps to provide relevant, valuable services


An all in one process that prepares a diagnostic, gap analysis, benchmarking report + operating plan


Assess financial performance + improve decision making with real-time benchmarking + KPIs


Leverage mobile friendly surveys + year-on-year industry comparison to identify your client’s opportunities for improvement + build an action plan

step 2: select your business management modules


Manage leads, client activity, sales + communications, projects, forms + documents all in one place, integrates with other MYP modules


Create + send responsive email campaigns, manage your events + broadcast digital forms


Build professional online forms to automate business systems, leverage information + conduct surveys.
formSPACE Pro includes digital signatures


Retrieve + edit documents where + when you need them, provide client portal access + auto-version documents


Streamline HR management to improve staff + operational efficiencies, engagement + performance


Efficiently manage rosters, timesheets, assets + resources while simplifying complex awards + provision


Connect your website + contacts with your systems, eliminate data entry + maximise opportunity


Customise the MYP platform for your own unique requirements or commercialise your idea in the MYP Marketplace

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  • Nigel Plowman
    We decided to undertake a customisation project with MYP to replace an existing manual service called ‘Life Plan’. The offering aims to help people work out their current financial position, determine their goals for the future, and then we help them bridge the gap using the collective expertise of the different teams within McKinley Plowman. The concept was clear for us, but we knew we needed to make Life Plan as user-friendly as possible, so we contacted MYP to help us develop a program that made the whole process more automated for the user. MYP's existing modules, such as WITY and formSPACE, meant we knew that we were dealing with a team who had tackled similar projects before. Their automated systems were a good sign that we could get Life Plan as smooth and user-friendly as possible. The MYP team embraced our project from day one and helped us make the best decisions for the future of Life Plan. Whenever we wanted to make changes or ask for assistance, the support team always responded swiftly. The integration of Life Plan into our website was also carried out quickly and efficiently, and has helped capture cold leads into the system, improving the value we got from the whole experience. For anyone else looking to get on board with a customisation or integration project with MYP, we'd say go for it! Once you have the project clear in your head about what you want to achieve and how you'd like it to turn out, the MYP team are great at bringing it to life and making it a reality.
    Nigel Plowman
    Partner, McKinley Plowman – Joondalup, WA
  • Graham Chee
    Having been a user of formSPACE since inception for our business and now the progress to formSPACE Pro, I am now an avid user of the solution across our whole business. The transition from paper-based to digital is great for our business, from corporate governance, compliance, advisory, marketing, cybersecurity, financial services, and intellectual property. The list goes on. All about the commitment to change. It has helped our business set our new digital direction.
    Graham Chee
    Managing Director, Local Knowledge - Mascot, Australia
  • Rohan Tedmanson
    formSPACE has helped us to rethink and streamline our workflow processes. Information is handled accurately and efficiently, increasing our capacity whilst ensuring every detail is captured. It is totally customisable, and it has been easy to fit it to our needs.
    Rohan Tedmanson
    Operations Leader, Connected Self - Adelaide, Australia
  • Jason Krenske
    Easy to use CRM that is a crucial part of our firm changing to an advisory focus rather than compliance.
    Jason Krenske
    Partner, Ulton - Bundaberg, Australia
  • Gino Saggiomo
    In business, sometimes it is difficult to understand how you are tracking against others in your field. Using MYP has allowed us to have a clear indication as to how our financials are performing compared to our peers. This has allowed us to identify areas where we are over spending, along with highlighting areas where we are performing well. Ultimately, it has empowered us to truly understand what shape our business is in.
    Gino Saggiomo
    Rothgard Financial Partners - Brisbane, Australia
  • Peter O'leary
    Great tools which make important client conversations just happen.
    Peter O'leary
    Owner, Moore Stephens - Sydney, Australia
  • Debra Houghton
    Great product and great people to work with. Always happy to help and explain anything we ask. Definite recommendation.
    Debra Houghton
    Administration Manager, Gilligan Sheppard Limited - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Deborah Harris
    The systems that are created are serviced by their support team and sales process with minimum fuss and, best of all, everything that they do integrates with everything else they do.
    Deborah Harris
    Business Development Support, Gill, McKerrow & Associates - Brisbane, Australia
  • Reg Barber
    Fortunity’s business mission is “to impress our clients by always meeting or exceeding their expectations” - and that’s exactly what MYP do for us. Their suite of online diagnostic products represent extraordinary value and help us provide unique, cost effective and relevant business tools to our clients. MYP have consistently exceeded our expectations and impressed us with everything we’ve asked of them. Our relationship with MYP continues to develop as we see long-term benefits in the products they offer. We see MYP as a progressive company who is helping us to provide exceptional value added services to our clients. We look forward to continuing to work with MYP as they progress their product offering.
    Reg Barber
    Business Development Manager, Fortunity - Erina, Australia
  • David Baillie
    We chose to integrate WITY with our website as it makes the website interactive and collects data more efficiently. Our experience of working with the MYP team was very professional and thorough. We are very happy with the final outcome and would recommend this service to other organisations looking to market their website and collect client/prospect data autonomously.
    David Baillie
    Business Manager, Evolve Accountants & Business Advisers - Perth, Australia
  • Kelly Pilon
    We have built a new form of revenue into our business which is continuing to grow and grow. I've loved the challenge and felt supported the whole way through the process. Very happy with the final product - it's amazing.
    Kelly Pilon
    Managing Director, Cogen HR - Sydney, Australia
  • Peter Hall
    This is a great set of tools that I have been raving about in webinars and presentations for years now. The recent release of some new packages for single operators has been really great. I manage a global network of over 850 professional advisers and a growing number are active users of these tools with their clients. I strongly recommend that if you are a consultant, adviser, coach, bookkeeper or accountant your find out more about the great ROI you can achieve with these tools.
    Peter Hall
    Director, Business Advisor Network Ltd - Brisbane, Australia
  • Natalie Ryan
    MYP has already made such a significant impact on our business that we sold our taxation compliance clients to focus on our business advice and consulting services. Using MYP has meant more value to clients, fewer clients to support but greater opportunity.
    Natalie Ryan
    Director, Beyond Now Solutions - Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • Craig Yarndley
    Having only recently implemented the product suite we are very happy with the decision made and are working to further integrate it into our day to day business operation.
    Craig Yarndley
    10X Hamilton/Waikato - Waikato, New Zealand

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