Accelerated Graduate Program (AGP)

24-month mentorship program for a cloud based service platform.

Microsoft partner | Azure | Agile practices

In partnership with Microsoft, MYP offers a structured, yet tailored, two-year Accelerated Graduate Program (AGP) to exceptional graduates. Under this program MYP provides a thorough induction, training, mentoring, a personalised program and a commitment to a rewarding career path. Over the course of this program, you will work across a variety of teams as well as be mentored in your areas of interest. On completion, the ‘sky is your limit’.

Program Details

  • Required – Induction + Product training – Kick start your Accelerated Graduate Program (AGP) by learning about our company + our products


Work with your mentor and team lead to select 1-3 of the following rotation options:

  1. Business Analysis, Client Services + Help-desk support – Learn how to work with + support clients
  2. UI/UX Design – Learn how to design our products + features
  3. Software Engineer – C#, React, SQL – Learn how to build our products
  4. QA Engineer – manual + automation testing, quality assurance – Learn how to test our products
  5. DevOps Engineer – CI/CD, infrastructure automation, platform monitoring – Learn how to manage + maintain our products

On completion

  • Promotion to Software Engineer status
  • MYP Graduate Development Program completion bonus
  • Leadership Skill Development Program entry (optional)


“MYP provides a great opportunity for graduates to develop their practical and professional skills. The MYP Accelerated Graduate Program is well-structured and comprehensive which helps graduates to constantly gain knowledge and hone their skills in multiple areas. As a graduate and newcomer, a one-month induction and supportive mentorship eased my learning curve. During the induction, I have learnt the company’s culture, products and development techniques. I feel welcomed and never fear asking any questions because everyone in MYP is willing to guide me.”    

Cindy, Graduate Software Engineer

 “I really enjoyed MYP’s induction and training programs! They were clear, easy to understand, and engaging! One of the first things I noticed about MYP is the strong emphasis on team culture. Everyone is there for you and is eager to support you in your career development! The support I received from my mentor allowed me to accelerate my learning and become a more effective engineer!

The AGP is an exciting program that will allow graduates to apply their text-book knowledge to real life scenarios! The program supports the genuine enthusiasm that graduates have for the IT industry! The rotations will expose candidates to a wide range of technologies and concepts, which will build a strong foundation for a long-term career in IT.

Jonathan, Graduate Software Engineer